U.S. Department of Agriculture

Washington, D.C. 20250





 SUBJECT: Central Shipping and Receiving


May 13, 1985

 OPI: 00, Personal Property Management Div., Supply & Transportation Branch




This regulation governs the processing of personal property, publications, other supplies and waste materials through the Department's centralized shipping and receiving facility hereafter referred to as "Central Shipping and Receiving."



Central Shipping and Receiving shall provide accountability, security, and disposition control of personal property, publications, and other supplies, and shall monitor the disposition of waste materials for the Agencies located in the downtown Washington, D.C. complex. The facility will be operated by a commercial contractor under the administrative management and supervision of the Personal Property Management Division, Office of Operations.



a Central Shipping and Receiving is located in Room 0466, South Building.

b The official mailing address for CS&R is Room 0466, South Building, Court 4, East Dock, Washington, D.C., 20250.



CS&R will provide services from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for holidays observed by the Federal Government.



a USDA Deputy Secretary's memorandum dated January 4, 1980, Subject: Establishing a Central Shipping and Receiving Facility.

b FPMR 101-40.7 and 101-26.8

c GSA Handbook - Discrepancy of Deficiencies in Shipments, Material or Billing.



SF-361 Discrepancy in Shipment Report

SF-364 Report of Item Discrepancy

SF-368 Quality Discrepancy Report

 SF-l(USDA)Printing and Binding Requisition

 AD-14 Request for Supplies, Forms and/or, Publications

GPO-2511 Print Order

GPO-1026 Print Order Marginally Continuous Form



COR - Contracting Officer's Representative

CS&R - Central Shipping and Receiving

DOD - Department of Defense

GSA - General Services Administration

OGPA - Office of Governmental and Public Affairs

00 - Office of Operations

PPMD - Personal Property Management Division



a The Personal Property Management Division, Office of operations, shall provide:

(1) Management Control.

(2) Operational oversite through a designated liaison official.

(3) Oversight of the performance of work for CS&P, through an appointed Contracting Officer's Representative.

(4) A suitable facility and appropriate work space for CS&R processing requirements.

(5) Complete space maintenance for space occupied by the CS&R facility.

(6) An appropriate operating budget for CS&R.

(7) Agency usage volume and percentages to OFM for appropriate agency cost share computation.

b The Contracting officer, Procurement Division, Office of Operations, shall provide:

(1) A suitable Contractor to perform the operational requirements of CS&R.

(2) Execution of proper contractual documents including modifications, changes, claims against contractor, penalties for deficient contractor performance, and all other documentational additions or deletions to the contract.

c Agency Responsibilities

Participating Agencies shall:

 (1) Utilize CS&R for the receipt of publications ordered by OGPA.

(2) Utilize CS&R for the receipt of personal property and other supplies via the commercial transportation system.

(3) Utilize CS&R for shipment of personal property and other supplies via the commercial transportation system.



a Operating Instructions - Incoming Shipments.

The Contractor shall:

 (1) Schedule deliveries by commercial carriers and receive property from carrier personnel (truck drivers).

(2) Inspect property while in the carrier's vehicle or when placed on the unloading dock for evidence of pilferage, shortage, overage and/or damage.

(3) Receive all property that is properly consigned on bills of lading or other shipping invoices. (When the Central Shipping and Receiving Facility Warehouse Foreman receives a shipment that is damaged beyond reasonable repair, the COR shall be notified to determine whether shipment will be accepted or refused.)

(4) Receipt for property on carrier billing by annotating all visible discrepancies above signatures and retaining a copy of the applicable billing.

(5) Remove property from carrier vehicle tailgates or unloading dock and place into the temporary holding area.

(6) Sort and distribute publications and printed matter shipments consigned to OGPA within the complex within five days of receipt.

(7) Notify the COR without delay when property received is marked "CONFIDENTIAL", "TO BE OPENED BY ADDRESSEE ONLY", PROPOSAL, "BID" or any other marking indicating the contents may be of a "Controlled" or "Sensitive" nature.

(8) Notify the COR who will arrange for off-loading "Controlled" substance and hazardous materials.

(9) Maintain the temporary holding area in a manner that permits easy access to and proper identification of each agency's property.

(10) Ensure proper storage and preservation of items placed in the holding area.

(11) Notify agency personnel of property arrivals and obtain signatures for property released to agencies (NOTE: Property may remain in temporary holding up to 2 working days, space permitting).

(12) Maintain a daily log of all properly received to include the agency, the number of pieces, and the number of pounds (weights).

(13) Complete various types of receiving and shipping documents.

(a) Receipt copies of Purchase Orders, Form AD-838

(b) Receipt copies (vendors) of telephone requisitions

(c) Receipt copies of documents of receiving FEDSTRIP orders

(14) Contractor shall furnish copy of the delivery document when shipment is released to the appropriate agency.

(15) Initiate appropriate documents of notification and verification on shipments received with visible discrepancies.

(16) Prepare monthly statistical report to include the number of shipments, number of pieces, and the number of pounds (weights) received by agency, and any pertinent information on shipment discrepancies.

(17) Permit access to buildings and monitor full service pickup and delivery personnel, i.e., parcel services, vendor deliveries, agency vehicle deliveries, etc.

b Operating Instructions - Incoming Shipments

Agency receiving personnel shall:

(1) When notified of arrival, sign for and remove property from temporary holding area (NOTE: Property may remain in the temporary holding area up to 2 working days, space permitting). CS&R may deliver property directly to those agencies who maintain receiving rooms in the proximity of court 4.

(2) Prepare appropriate reports/documents on latent (concealed) damages or other non-visible discrepancies.

(3) Arrange for disposition of discrepancies involving property, i.e., coverage, shortage, damage, wrong items, etc.

(4) At their options, agencies shall provide the contractor an advance copy of each order document covering property which will be shipped to, or through the CS&R operation.

 c Operating Instructions - Outgoing Shipments.

Agency shipping personnel shall:

 (1) Prepare property for shipment by properly packaging/packing into shipping containers, obtaining actual weights, preparing appropriate shipping documents, and affixing shipping labels and packing lists to containers.

(2) Deliver property and shipping documents to the Central Mapping and Receiving Facility and place in property staging area.

(3) Obtain shipping document receipts from the Central Shipping and Receiving Facility after property has been picked up by commercial carriers.

(4) Have access to the shipping and receiving facility for internal agency movement of property and material.

d Operating Instructions - Outgoing Shipments

The Contractor shall:

 (1) Receive property from agencies with properly prepared shipping documents (GBLs, CBLs, shipping labels and packing lists) into the shipment staging area.

(2) Consolidate shipments for pickup purposes and schedule pickups with commercial carriers.

(3) When commercial carrier equipment arrives, remove property from staging area and place on the loading dock or carrier vehicle tailgates, as appropriate.

(4) Obtain commercial carrier (driver) signature of receipt for property and furnish appropriate copies of shipping documents to driver.

(5) Furnish agency personnel appropriate signed copies of shipping documents.

(6) Maintain a daily log of all outgoing property to include the agency, number of shipments, number of pounds (weight) shipped, by agency.

(7) Prepare monthly statistical report to include the number of shipments, number of pieces, number of pounds (weight) shipped, by agency.



a The Contractor shall:

(1) Monitor each trash container (area) to ensure no valuable materials are disposed of or removed in an unauthorized manner.

(2) Monitor the containers to ensure Government property is not secreted therein for subsequent misappropriation.

(3) Withhold questionable items of trash and salvage from disposal containers and refer them to the COR for appropriate disposition instructions.



a The Contractor shall:

(1) Be responsible for the physical security of loading and unloading in Court 4 (items processed by CS&R).

(2) Ensure that only vehicles making pickups and deliveries park at the Court 4 dock.

(3) Observe all security regulations established by USDA for the downtown Washington, D.C. complexes.

(4) Be accountable and financially responsible for losses, damages and/or thefts of property while in Contractor's possession.



a The Contractor shall prepare the statistical tonnage report of each months activities.

b Reports will be forwarded to the COR by the 5th working day of each succeeding month.