SUBJECT:    Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)


DATE:     June 15, 2011

OPI:   Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration









1.      PURPOSE


This Regulation establishes guidance for implementing a standardized approach to managing the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) in the USDA National Capital Area in order to ensure that yearly financial goals are met by December 15 in an efficient and accountable manner.





This directive must be used in conjunction with:


a.       5 CFR 950.102, Scope of the Combined Federal Campaign

b.      Federal, USDA, and Agency personnel regulations governing staff assignments

c.       Federal, USDA, and Agency regulations governing EEO in the Federal workplace

d.      Agency Bargaining Agreements, as applicable

e.       Office of Ethics instructions governing CFC operations

f.       Federal, USDA, and Agency regulations governing procurement

g.      CFC National Capital Area Instructions for processing financial contributions





a.       CFC is the only officially sanctioned fundraising campaign in the Federal workplace.  The campaign runs every year from September 1st to December 15th. 


b.      The CFC is managed regionally.  This directive applies to USDA Agencies located in the DC metropolitan area.  This area encompasses approximately 10,000 employees and is referred by CFC as the Combined Federal Campaign National Capital Area (CFCNCA).      


c.       Within USDA, the Secretary of Agriculture serves as the USDA CFC Campaign Chair, and Subcabinet Officials in the designated Mission Areas below serve in the role of Campaign Vice-Chair on a rotating basis. 


(1)   Food Safety


(2)   Natural Resources and Environment


(3)   Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services


(4)   Rural Development


(5)   Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services


(6)   Departmental Offices


(7)   Research, Education and Economics


(8)   Marketing and Regulatory Programs





This is a new policy.



5.      POLICY


a.       The designated Mission Area will lead all aspects of the USDA CFC office and campaign. 


b.      The designated Mission Area will begin planning the CFC no later than June 1 and shall kick off the CFC campaign on September 1 by sharing an all-employee communication from the Secretary encouraging employees to make contributions through their local CFC campaign.


c.       The designated Mission Area will sponsor one CFC celebration during the month of September that includes the Secretary or Deputy Secretary and that will serve as the USDA flagship event.  In addition, the designated Mission Area will sponsor one department-wide event in October and November.  


d.      The designated Mission Area will implement necessary steps to meet the CFC financial goal by December 15.  Once the financial goal is met, the designated Mission Area may reduce resources devoted to the campaign but must have the ability to process employee contributions until the CFCNCA officially ends. 


e.       The designated Mission Area will sponsor one closing/awards ceremony within two weeks of the CFCNCA end date.


f.       USDA Departmental Management will make available office space to the designated Mission Areas to manage the CFC.


g.      USDA Departmental Management and/or the dedicated Mission Area will make surplus property available to the USDA CFC office in order to furnish and equip the office, as needed.


h.      The USDA CFC office supplies will be the responsibility of the Designated Mission Area.


i.        The designated Mission Area will make available $15,000 to the USDA CFC office to purchase CFC supplies and other event/communications-related materials in compliance with Federal and USDA procurement regulations.


j.        The designated Mission Area will implement standard financial operating procedures to ensure accurate processing of financial contributions and will conduct monthly audits to ensure transparency and accountability.


k.      The designated Mission Area will use existing legacy systems, standard administrative operating procedures and clearance protocols in the USDA CFC Handbook. 


l.        The designated Mission Area is encouraged to identify and recommend opportunities for improving or expanding existing legacy systems, standard operating procedures or other office protocols in the USDA CFC Handbook in order to ensure an ongoing commitment to managing the CFC in the most efficient manner long-term. 


m.    The designated Mission Area will collaborate with applicable Departmental Offices, such as the Office of Ethics, Office of Communications, Office of the Chief Information Officer, and Office of the Secretary as needed in order to implement the USDA CFCNCA campaign.


n.      All USDA Mission Areas/Agencies/Offices will identify a CFC Coordinator to lead the campaign at the Agency level and serve as liaison between the Agency and the USDA CFC team.





a.       The operational duties of the USDA CFC Office include:


(1)   Acting as the primary point of contact at USDA for the CFC Headquarters.


(2)   Crafting and executing a communications strategy to raise awareness of the USDA’s CFC and motivate USDA employees in the D.C.-metro area to donate.


(3)   Organizing Department-level CFC events to raise awareness and encourage employees to pledge.


(4)   Coordinating fundraising efforts on a Department-level by collaborating with CFC Agency Coordinators.


(5)   Receiving and processing cash donations, event revenue, and paper payroll pledges.


(6)   Reporting and monitoring deposits in the CFCNCA’s accounting system.


(7)   Depositing all pledges at the Agriculture Federal Credit Union.


(8)   Maintaining an internal log of all pledges by agency and deposit transactions.


(9)   Auditing logged pledge and deposit transactions to ensure accuracy and congruency with CFCNCA Headquarters’ numbers.


(10)     Monitoring and reporting progress toward the USDA’s CFC fundraising goal to the Secretary and Mission Area Campaign Vice-Chair.


b.      The designated Mission Area Campaign Vice-Chair will be responsible for:


(1)   Leading the Department’s overall CFC campaign and monitoring progress toward the fundraising goal.


(2)   Designating a senior-level executive to serve as the Campaign Manager to provide strategic guidance and oversight of campaign implementation and related activities.


(3)   Staffing an office dedicated exclusively to the campaign’s daily operations, to be overseen by the Deputy Campaign Manager.


(4)   Working directly with the USDA Secretary and Deputy Secretary to raise awareness, build momentum, and encourage employee involvement.


(5)   Providing the Secretary and Subcabinet officials with a financial progress report every other week starting on September 15.


(6)   Leading the identification of the CFC Loaned Executive according to CFC guidance.  The CFC Loaned Executive is a USDA employee who is detailed full-time to CFCNCA Headquarters for six to nine months.


c.       The Campaign Manager (SES or SL/ST) will:


(1)   Provide strategic guidance and oversight of campaign implementation and related activities.


(2)   Work within the Mission Area’s staffing policies and practices to identify individuals who will staff the USDA CFC office.


(3)   Assist in developing and oversee implementation of the CFC communications strategy.


(4)   Serve as primary liaison to CFC Headquarters.


(5)   Serve as primary liaison between USDA’S CFC office and Mission Area/Department leadership.


(6)   Collaborate with USDA Mission Area and Agency heads to accomplish campaign goals.


(7)   Assist in coordinating Department-level events with the Under Secretary’s and Secretary’s offices.


(8)   Ensure ethical and financial integrity of campaign operations and activities.


d.      The USDA CFC office must be staffed by a minimum of six people during the solicitation period.  The following are descriptions of the core staff positions and respective duties:


(1)   Deputy Campaign Manager (recommend: one individual starting June 1)


                                                    (a)      Oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of the USDA CFC office.


                                                   (b)      Perform all supervisory duties associated with the staff designated to the USDA CFC office.


                                                    (c)      Monitor and report progress toward meeting CFC fundraising goals to Campaign Manager and Agency Coordinators.


                                                   (d)      Ensure financial processing specialists have the necessary training and resources to accomplish their duties.


                                                    (e)      Oversee deposit processing and auditing activities.


                                                    (f)      Deposit all pledges at the Agriculture Federal Credit Union (AFCU).


                                                   (g)      Assist in coordinating Department-level events with the Under Secretary’s and Secretary’s offices.


                                                   (h)      Provide any and all communications materials to the designated contacts in the Secretary’s Office and Under Secretary’s Office for approval.


                                                     (i)      Serve as the primary liaison to CFC Agency Coordinators.


                                                     (j)      Schedule and conduct periodic meetings with CFC Agency Coordinators.


                                                   (k)      Support CFC Agency Coordinators with campaign management and training.


(2)   Communications and Events Coordinator (recommend: at minimum two individuals starting July 1)


                                                    (a)      Develop and implement a communications strategy designed not only to inform USDA employees in the D.C.-metro area about CFC fundraising goals and events but also to strongly motivate them to donate.


                                                   (b)      Draft material for the USDA Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary, and Campaign Manager to use during speaking events and other communications.


                                                    (c)      Develop, maintain, and promote the USDA CFC website.


                                                   (d)      Organize and manage planning efforts for Department-level CFC events.


                                                    (e)      Communicate and coordinate with CFC Headquarter representatives and local charities for Department-level events.


                                                    (f)      Coordinate with internal USDA offices to implement events.


                                                   (g)      Coordinate with internal and external speakers for events.


                                                   (h)      Track and compile list of Agency-level CFC events.


                                                     (i)      Assist CFC Agency Coordinators with Agency-level CFC events, as necessary.


(3)   Financial Operations Specialist (recommend: at minimum two individuals starting August 15)


                                                    (a)      Implement standard financial operating procedures to ensure accuracy of all donations and efficient deposits.


                                                   (b)      Receive, review, and process all paper payroll pledges, cash donations, and event revenue.


                                                    (c)      Collaborate with CFC Agency Coordinators to ensure effective and efficient processing.


                                                   (d)      Use CFCNCA accounting system to report and monitor deposits.


                                                    (e)      Conduct internal audits to ensure the accuracy of Agency pledge submissions.


                                                    (f)      Anticipate and alert senior staff of potential shortfalls and/or discrepancies.


                                                   (g)      Develop and implement continuous improvement plans for deposit processing.


(4)   Administrative Support Specialist (recommend: one individual starting June 1)


                                                    (a)      Perform general administrative duties for the CFC staff including, but not limited to, ordering supplies, answering telephones, as well as time and attendance.


                                                   (b)      Serve as purchase card holder for the CFC office.


                                                    (c)      Assist and support all staff members in their duties as needed.


e.       Because the USDA CFC office has the primary responsibility of collecting and processing all pledges and donations, all members of the staff, including the Campaign Manager, must be trained on the office’s financial operating procedures.  In the event any of the designated financial operations specialists are unable to perform their duties and/or require additional support, all members of the USDA CFC office will know how to:


(1)   Verify the accuracy of paper payroll pledges and cash donations.


(2)    Process event revenue.


(3)    Enter deposits into the CFCNCA accounting system.


(4)    Perform audits of Agency pledges and deposits.


f.       The Campaign Vice-Chair shall invite the following year’s Vice-Chair to designate one individual to volunteer and/or observe campaign operations in order to make implementation of the next cycle easier.


g.      The Campaign Vice-Chair will announce the following year’s Under Secretary and Campaign Manager during the closing/awards ceremony.