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Chapter­ 6 – General Information


1          Purpose                                                                                                         3

2          Cancellation                                                                                               4

3          References                                                                                                   4

4          Scope                                                                                                            4         

5          Abbreviations                                                                                             5



Part 1 – Vulnerability Scan Procedures

1          Background                                                                                                1         

2          Policy                                                                                                             1

3          Responsibilities                                                                                            3


Appendix A – Internet Scanner 7.0 User’s Guide

Appendix B – USDA Monthly Scan Certification



Part 2 – IBM & IBM Compatible Security Standards                                               

1          Background                                                                                                1         

2          Policy                                                                                                             2         

3          Security Standards                                                                                    2

4          Responsibilities                                                                                            10       



Part 3 – Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

1          Background                                                                                                1         

2          Policy                                                                                                             3         

3          Procedures                                                                                                   3

4          Responsibilities       



Part 4 – Firewall Technical Security Standards


1          Background                                                                                                1

2          Policy                                                                                                             3         

3          Procedures                                                                                                   4         

4          Responsibilities                                                                                            10                                                                   


Part 5 – Security Encryption Standards


1          Background                                                                                                1         

2          Policy                                                                                                             2         

3          Procedures                                                                                                   2         

4          Responsibilities                                                                                            5         




1          Encryption Plan Requirement

2          Media Encryption Chart                                                            







U.S. Department of Agriculture

Washington, D.C.










  Security Protection


DATE:  February 17, 2005


OPI:         OCIO, Cyber Security






1          PURPOSE


This Departmental Manual chapter establishes the policy and procedures for the use of Security Protection for Information Technology (IT) assets within USDA.  Security Protection includes the use of Gateways, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Technology, IBM/IBM Compatibles Mainframe Security Standards, Identification and Authentication, Vulnerability Scans, and User Logon Identification.  Each of these areas will be covered in separate parts of this chapter.


Part 1, Vulnerability Scan Procedures, defines policy and procedures for conducting vulnerability scans in USDA. 


Part 2, IBM & IBM Compatible Mainframe Security Standards, establishes policy and procedures for security of International Business Machines (IBM) and IBM Compatible Mainframes within USDA. 


Part 3, PKI provides an environment that speaks to agencies’ business, legal, network, and security demands for trust and confidentiality in protecting sensitive communications, transactions, and storage.   PKI supports the use of policies, protocols, standards and information assurance services needed to protect the transmission of electronic data through the use of digital signatures and encryption technology.  The purpose of this manual is to establish policy and responsibilities for implementing a PKI within the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  


Part 4, Firewalls Technical Security Standards discusses the secure Information Technology standards for our Firewalls within USDA.  This policy is designed to assist agencies/mission areas in implementing secure connections from the Internet to all USDA networks, including Intranets and Extranets.


Part 5, This Departmental Manual Chapter sets forth the departmental policy, minimum standards and approved protection techniques to safeguard Sensitive But Unclassified information (SBU), also referred to as Sensitive Security Information (SSI), which is stored or transmitted electronically throughout USDA and external telecommunication networks.   In addition, these standards and protections apply to external stakeholders using telecommunication and connection methods approved by USDA.





This Departmental Manual will be in effect until superseded.  This chapter/part replaces DN-3140-6.



3          REFERENCES


DM 3593-002, Appendix B, CS Legal and Regulatory References.



4          SCOPE


This manual applies to all USDA agencies, programs, teams, organizations, appointees, employees and other activities.  This manual applies to all Agency Information Systems (AIS) that the USDA manages and maintains on behalf of non-USDA entities when those systems are on the USDA domain and backbone network (i.e., not on isolated domains) and shared resources with USDA systems.

For non-USDA systems managed by USDA, the system owner must stipulate in writing (in an MOU or SLA) their security rules.  This manual pertains to the storage and transmission of information over both wired and wireless medium, which radiates or transits beyond a facility boundary or is otherwise not directly under the control of the department or departmental agencies communications Point of Presence (POP).





ACID             - Access Identification

            AIS                  - Automated Information System

            APF                 - Authorized Program Facility    

CA                  - Certificate Authority

CA-ACF-2    - Computer Associates Access Control Facility

            CCB               - Configuration Control Board

CICS              - Customer Information Control System

CIO                - Chief Information Officer

COOP            - Continuity of Operation Plan

CP                   - Certificate Policy

CPS                 - Certification Practice Statement

CPU                - Central Processing Unit

CS                   - Cyber Security

DAA               - Designated Accrediting Authority

DASD             - Distributed Access Storage Device  

            DASDVOL     - Distributed Access Storage Device Volume

DMZ               - De-militarized Zone

IBM                 - International Business Machines

ICMP              - Internet Control Message Protocol

IDS                  - Intrusion Detection System

IP                     - Internet Protocol

IRM                 - Information Resources Management         

ISS                   - Internet Security Systems

ISSPM             - Information Systems Security Program Manager

IT                     - Information Technology

MVS                - Multi-Processing Virtual System

NIST                - National Institute of Standards and Technology

OCIO             - Office of the Chief Information Officer

OMB               - Office of Management & Budget

PDD                - Presidential Decision Directive

PKI                  - Public Key Infrastructure

RA                  - Registration Authority

RACF             - Resource Access Control Facility

            RAID DASD  - Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks DASD

SA                   - System Administrator

SBU                 - Sensitive But Unclassified

SE                    - System Engineer/Developer

SSA                 - System Security Administrator

SSL                  - Secure Socket Layer

SVC                - Operating System Service Calls

TCP                 - Transmission Control Protocol

TCP/IP           - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TSO                 - Time Sharing Option

USDA             - United States Department of Agriculture

VM                  - Virtual Memory

VPN                - Virtual Private Network

            VSAM            - Virtual Storage Access Method

            VTAM            - Virtual Telecommunications Access Method