Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Management Services Project Portfolio Management Services

Service Description

Centralized discipline of coordination and management of a program and/or projects in order to support achieving the planned objectives and benefits to the organization. Portfolio Management is a tool to ensure the right investments are being made and alignment to strategic goals.   A certified project management professional (PMP) will provide guidance to project resources throughout the lifecycle.   Business process improvement, change management, mentoring, and coaching are foster and encouraged.

What's Included

  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Maintain compliance during lifecycle
  • Customized Templates and Processes
  • Timely delivery of status reports
  • Track deviations and report KPIs
  • Financial Management/Financial Tracking
  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Change Management
  • Earned Value Technique to Earned Value Management 
  • Facilitation of Meetings
  • Timely delivery of deliverables
  • Customer Satisfaction of results 

How We Charge

Costs are determined by the staffing model, scope of work, and period of performance of your requirement.

Service Level Metrics

Measure Target SLA
Cost Overruns Within proposed budget
Timeliness of Status Reports 95%
Change Requests Submitted TBD
Customer Satisfaction 90%

Cost Saving Tips

  • Engage all major stakeholders early in the scoping phase of a new project to identify volume, geography, security requirements, etc.
  • Receive sponsorship agreement to funding strategy
  • Maintain a streamline skilled resources pool
  • Report relevant data to support decision-making

Additional Information

Services are in compliance with applicable standards from NIST, OMB, FIPS and GAO.