Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Management Services IT Consultative Services

Service Description

Provide advice, assistance, or leadership skills to ensure security practices and standards are built into the environment efficiently along with meeting federal regulations and compliance.   Gain access to specialized expertise tailored to obtain solutions for the appropriate use of technology and strategic business planning solutions to your business needs and objectives

What's Included

  • Information Gathering
  • Conduct a Feasibility study to recommend a solution to fit the business need
  • Best of practices and compliance
  • Formulate a Remediation plan, Action Plan, or Triage 
  • Develop and review a Security Plan
  • Management of Requirements and Design Model
  • Oversight during project planning, execution and outcome
  • Senior leadership to staff support services
  • Risk and Issue Management Services
  • Status reporting 

How We Charge

Costs are determined by the staffing model, scope of work, and period of performance of your requirement.

Service Level Metrics

Measure Target SLA
Cost Overruns Within proposed budget
Timeliness of Status Reports 95%
Change Requests Submitted TBD
Customer Satisfaction 90%

Cost Saving Tips

  • Perform cost benefit analysis prior to investing in remediation strategies or action plans
  • Engage stakeholders prior to executing to ensure the full scope of work and risks are captured.

Additional Information

Services are in compliance with applicable standards from NIST, OMB, FIPS and GAO.