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Document Management

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Service Description

The NITC document management solution allows organizations to effectively and efficiently capture, secure, share and distribute digital and paper-based documents. The solution includes a workflow process to mirror the review of information and supports process automation for document creation, review, and revision.


What's Included

  • Single Midrange Infrastructure as a Service virtual server
  • Oracle™ Universal Content Management software licensing and maintenance
  • Key NITC Technical Services to install, patch, and upgrade software components
  • System-level Database Administration services for database component of Document management
  • Additional virtual CPU, memory, and storage resources when required
  • Optional Fault Tolerant and Disaster Recovery capabilities
  • Optional Planning and Integration services
  • Optional Application Integration services

How We Charge

Hosting charges are based on actual number of virtual servers and resources utilized.

Price drivers:

  • Number of Document Management solutions required
  • Additional virtual server resources required (CPU, Memory, and/or Storage)
  • Optional Fault Tolerance requirements
  • Optional Disaster Recovery requirements
  • Any additional Professional Services

Service Level Metrics


Service Level Metrics

Measure Target SLA
System Monitoring 24 x 7
Incident Response 24 x 7
System Availability 99.99% excluding planned downtime*
Website Metrics Weekly log delivery

* - NITC reserves the option to schedule routine infrastructure maintenance activities on Sundays between 1800 to 2400 hours Central Time.

NOTE: NITC utilizes the USDA Universal Telecommunication Network (UTN) for Wide Area Network services. The UTN is contractually guaranteed to be 99.9% available but has historically delivered 99.997% availability.

Cost Saving Tips

  • Engage NITC early in the scoping phase of a new project to identify all business and technical requirements
  • Forecast response time and load expectations
  • Utilize other NITC Software as a Service offerings to minimize application integrations efforts and reduce costs through economies of scale

Download the Document Management page from the NITC Service Catalog.