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Voice Services



Equipment specifications, acquisitions and management of telephone services are provided.




Service Description

CTS provides equipment specifications, acquisitions and management of both legacy telephone systems and circuits not covered under UCaaS. CTS also provides various voice services such as Wireless Priority Service (WPS), Long Distance Calling Cards, and teleconference services to individuals who have received customer authorization. WPS provides enhanced availability to wireless services during times of high usage, major public system outages, or emergencies. Long distance service calling cards bill vendor long distance charges independently from the handset being used. CTS provides and maintains teleconferencing services via Networx accounts.

What is included

  • Legacy Telephone Systems: CTS provides support and management of legacy telephone systems. The service covers both systems that are under warranty and those for which the manufacturer warranty has expired. Legacy telephone system operation is subject to a break-fix process in which the customer funds repair or replacement. CTS provides basic support and assistance with telephone line issues and replacing handsets/hardware for these are purchased by the customer.
  • Circuits: Voice circuits are setup and maintained by CTS via Local Exchange Carriers (LEC) to provide local service and access to long distance Lines. CTS also provides calling cards that provide long distance telephone service.
  • Emergency Voice Service: CTS orders Wireless Priority Service (WPS), which provides enhanced availability for mobile service during times of high usage, major public system outages or emergencies.

How We Charge

Customer’s usage charges are based on the number of Active Accounts in the Enterprise Active Directory. Location service availability and actual vendor charge also are factors in determining charges, such as the fact that voicemail service is not available in all locations.

Active Accounts

Service Level Metrics

Measure Target SLA
Out of Warranty Voice System Service Restoration Repair less than or equal to 10 business days


Cost Savings Tips

  • Sharing of services across agencies to achieve maximum usage and efficiency.
  • Sharing of voice lines to achieve maximum usage and efficiency.