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Single entry point to all SharePoint fulfillment requests and assisting customers to select the appropriate SharePoint environment that best meets the customer’s needs.



Service Description

CTS offers the hybrid SharePoint solution to bring the best of both Cloud and On-Premise SharePoint solutions to maintain quality of service and collaboration continuity to USDA customers.

There are 2 SharePoint environments available to the customers: Office 365 SharePoint Standard/ Enterprise, and SharePoint On-Premise Enterprise. The Office 365 SharePoint Standard and Enterprise are cloud offerings providing most of the collaboration needs. The SharePoint On-Premise Enterprise complements to Office 365 offering the customer who chooses to customize or add-on third party features to enhance the collaboration solution, or required to collaborate with external entities such as other Federal Agencies, Universities or other Institutions outside of USDA via eAuthentication.

All solutions are governed through the CTS SharePoint Governance Policy to help the Customer Site Collection Administrators manage the workspace collaboration and contents.

Support activities for CTS include SharePoint 2010/13 deployment, maintenance and infrastructure support, as well as Tier-2/3 support for SharePoint related issues or requests.

Offerings include:

  • Standard Sites (O365 Standard and Enterprise): CTS offers a Professional Services model for agencies that are looking for assistance to migrate from previous versions of SharePoint to Office365. The professional services includes tier-3 support to agency site admins on SharePoint application related issues/configuration, and sites collection issues that cannot be resolved through local site admins.
  • Premium Sites (On-Premise): Customized web applications utilizing SharePoint collaboration engines integrated with backend services such as financial system(s), Business Intelligence (BI) or reporting services for the business customer. These applications support significantly greater capabilities than a standard or advanced site. Additional charges may apply depending on the amount of customization.

In addition, CTS is also offering SharePoint Test Environment On-Premise allowing the customer to develop and test custom SharePoint sites before promotion to the production environment. CTS offers stand-alone or multi-tenants SharePoint sandbox options for the customer to choose from.

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What Is Included

Initial Assessment

The service includes the gathering of requirements and providing information about available features/functions from different SharePoint environments. CTS will then meet with the customers to review the findings and recommend the best collaboration option to meet business needs.

Office 365 Standard/Enterprise Option

The service includes helping the first time cloud customers to start the on-boarding process, including verification of connectivity, such as sync connection, network DNS and routing, AD authentication, and the creation of initial customer site collection. Existing customers also can request additional site collections or other Office 365 related requests through the service.

In addition, the service also offers migration help for customers who need assistance to migrate the agency’s existing On-Premise SharePoint to Office 365 environment. Other support services include Tier-3 SharePoint application troubleshooting, and resolution on any site collection issues. This is an optional Professional Service requiring additional charges.

On-Premise SharePoint Option

Initial Setup Services: This service includes the initial setup covering assessment, planning, testing and migration of the customer’s current site to On-Premise SharePoint. CTS will work with the customer to ensure AD trusts, DNS, and other dependencies are setup before a collaboration site is established. In addition, the service also includes the migration tool to help the customer who wants to migrate an existing site (or sites) to the CTS On-Premise SharePoint infrastructure.

Monthly Routine Services: The monthly charges include the following services CTS provides to the customer:

  • SharePoint Support: This includes Tier-3 SharePoint support working with Customer Site Administrators to troubleshoot any issue that cannot be resolved at agency Tier-1/2 level. This service is available 24/7. The service also includes routine backup and restore requests.
  • Internet Presence: By selecting the On-Premise SharePoint solution, the customer will be able to expose SharePoint sites externally allowing collaboration with outside entities such as the Universities, Research Facilities or other the Private Sector entities.
  • 3rd Party Software: Includes but is not limited to tools such as MetaLogix, SiteMinder eAuthentication, and that can be used to improve the features/functions of collaboration for the customer.
  • Infrastructure and Maintenance: This service includes maintenance, monitoring, and support of SharePoint infrastructure to ensure all sites are secure and stable. CTS also provides scheduling and outage dashboards to establish clear communications on any upcoming maintenance and SharePoint environment outages.

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How We Charge

The number of Collaboration Service gigabytes is used as the basis for charging.

Service Activity Units
On-Premise Collaboration Services Collaboration Services (Gigabytes)

Cost Saving Tips

  • Enable team members to collaborate in real time to create and edit documents, develop solutions and reduce operational costs associated with traditional in-person collaboration.
  • Empower distributed teams through shared workspaces and business insights by effectively supporting their assigned roles and work styles.
  • Offering of On-Premise environment as supplemental to O365 allowing customers to share the SharePoint infrastructure through economy of scale driving the maintenance/support cost down for the customers.
  • Allowing customers to choose from different price-point options when requiring a test environment for all SharePoint development efforts.

Additional Information

  • Core Hours of Service: The CTS Applications Operations Branch, Infrastructure Operations Center (IOC) provides 24 x 7 support including monitoring and incident handling (with triage) for all Enterprise environments and direct coordination with provider service desks to ensure coordinated response. Coverage does not include government holidays and responses are not executed during planned maintenance activities. Under routine circumstances, a one week notification will be provided for normal changes made outside of official maintenance hours.
  • Service requests for collaboration related services are taken and deployments are performed during normal business hours of 6:00am to 6:00pm Central Time, Monday through Friday. Additional service support beyond these hours may be arranged as an above-core purchase.
  • NOTE: In some situations, changes may be required outside normal maintenance windows due to emergencies or security related activities. Under these circumstances, customers will be notified as soon as the needed change is identified. The change will be scheduled to happen with a minimum impact to the customer but as soon as possible to meet the needs of the situation and risks that have been identified. This could result in maintenance as early as the immediate evening of the change identification date.

Service Level Metrics

Service Type Service Measure Measurement Performance Target
Collaboration Site


Percentage of hours of SharePoint infrastructure server service.


  Measurement Tool
Microsoft SCOM
SharePoint Analytical Tools