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Service Description

Fax2Mail allows for transition from manual office fax systems to an electronic fax cloud service for security, productivity, cost, and environmental/ green improvements. Fax2Mail combines the benefits of email, while providing the user with a secure method to communicate with customers or colleagues by fax. In addition, the reduction of fax machine paper and power from running fax machines support the USDA Green IT initiative.
What Is

What is included

  • Security improvements through tighter control over fax content and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data.
  • Ability to send/receive faxes electronically from user’s computers.
  • "Anytime, anywhere” access to sending and receiving faxes, including mobile devices.
  • Teleworkers will have the ability to send/receive faxes electronically.
  • Able to receive faxes 24x7.
  • No longer limited by the capacity of the fax machine (running out of paper, machine memory, etc.).
  • All systems are certified and accredited.

How We Charge

Total cost is separated into one time setup charges, monthly recurring charges, and usage based charges. The rates charged are determined from one to six tiers for volume. Example: For a monthly recurring Fax2Mail mailbox charge in the 150K-1M department volume range, there would be the recurring monthly charge plus the usage based charge that is based on unit charge. The unit charge and recurring monthly charge are based on rates from the current negotiated contract and are subject to update with the provisions of the contract. Customers are evaluated based on the current USDA volume rate and provided detailed costing information for the level of service requested.

Fax2Mail Pricing

Service Activity Units


Cost is Determined Based on Actual Usage


Service Level Metrics

Fax2Mail Performance Measures

Performance Performance Measure Performance Target

System Availability


Availability 24 x 7
(Excluding Planned Downtime*)


Fax Delivery Within 15 minutes


Measurement Tool - Vendor Reporting
*= Most Items

Cost Savings Tips

  • Share the Fax2Mail application across agencies to leverage the cost of the service across many users.
  • Cost associated with fax lines and fax maintenance/purchase will be reduced.
  • Not all electronic faxes need to be printed; by reducing both paper and ink usage, Fax2Mail is not only cost saving for all of USDA but is a “Green” solution to the printed fax problem.

Additional Information

For more information, contact the Fax2Mail Coordinator.