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Cell Phones, Smartphones, Broadband Cards, Satellite, and Miscellaneous Wireless Device Services

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Compact, mobile voice service to client; provides the most basic features.




Service Description

CTS provides support for cell phones, smartphones, broadband cards, satellite communications devices, and miscellaneous wireless devices. Additionally, CTS manages the transmission costs for these items.

What Is Included

  • This activity can involve any effort to acquire, administer, support or deactivate included devices. Cell phones, broadband cards, satellite devices, and miscellaneous telecommunications devices are included. Items are available to customers after appropriate approvals from authorized customer representatives and CTS supervisors.
  • Examples of acquisition support services include ordering, receiving, activating and configuring devices.
  • Service includes resolving operational problems, acquiring replacement devices, maintaining associated inventory, ordering additional features, or requesting call detail records. Some requests may be considered above-base service.
  • CTS maintains vendor agreements and oversight for the client customer, which includes researching, analyzing and paying transmission costs. Some research requests may be considered above-base service.
  • Also accounted for in this category are any other devices enabled for wireless communication, paid for via cell phone accounts and not covered in the other CTS wireless categories (example: some engineering equipment enabled with a SIM card for data communications. Mobile tablets (iPads) aren’t included in this category. If an iPad has an active data plan, it is wireless and that wireless service paid for via the standard broadband accounts).

How We Charge

Labor is charged by the number of devices supported.

Transmission charges are based on vendor service plans used by the customer.

Service Activity Units
Support Services for Cell Phones, Broadband & Satellite, and Telecom Miscellaneous Support Cell Phones, Smartphones, Broadband & Satellite, and Telecom Miscellaneous
Voice Plan for Cell Phones Transmission Cell Phones
Transmission Costs for Satellite, Radios and Telecom Miscellaneous  Transmission Satellite, & Telecom Miscellaneous

Service Level Metrics

Measure Target SLA
Deployment Plan

Deployment Date less than or equal to 5 business days from activation of the equipment by the service provider or as separately agreed to between the customer and CTS in writing.


Cost Saving Tips

  • Use mobile devices that come free with vendor plans.

Additional Information

Some customers may pay their own transmission charges.