Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture



Service Description

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), Client Technology Services (CTS), National Capital Region (NCR) provides comprehensive, enterprise level, fee-for-service information technology, security, technical support services to all end users across the USDA, as well as other associated operations. CTS-NCR works for USDA agencies across the National Capital Region using services CTS provides to support programs, services, and financial transactions to millions of farmers, ranchers, and citizens of rural America.  

What Is Included

In order to support CTS customer agencies, CTS-NCR offers full service cabling design, installation, testing, and operations services pertaining to the information technologies:

  • Structured cabling for wired and wireless communications
  • Audio Visual (AV) support services for AV systems
  • Video Teleconference Systems (VTC)
  • Control systems
  • IPTV systems

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How We Charge

  • Support provided as a service using performance-based Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that utilize Firm Fixed Price (FFP) fee structures, device-based and unit-based line items, as well as traditional Time and Materials (T&M) options.
  • NSB Core Services cover
    • Cabling/network connections

Service Level Metrics

Cabling Performance Measures

Performance Performance Measure Performance Target
Cable Installation

Within 45 business days
Order Date - Ticket Request Date


Measurement Tool: CTS Remedy

Cost Saving Tips

  • Having dedicated USDA network cabling engineers on-site means faster service, which results in less down time.
  • Cabling engineers are familiar with USDA building standards, helping to ensure uniformity across the entire network.
  • Having IPTV and cabling services built in to core services reduces time and cost of going through procurement process for each individual move/add/change request; meaning end users get what they need faster.