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Federation Services - Hosting Provider Gateway


Service Description

Digital Infrastructure Services Center's (DISC's) Federation Services (FDS) provides Microsoft or Open System users with credential access to web systems and applications located across organizational boundaries. It uses a claims-based access control authorization model to maintain application security and implement federated identity authentication into hosted applications. The solution provides a gateway for all hosted web service systems to use their preferred identity provider credential.

What is Included

DISC’s federation gateway supports customers who want to use eAuthentication, their federal desktop domain, or other identity provider credentials with their hosted systems and applications within the PaaS and IaaS environments for Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Web Application and System Integration
    • One time initial setup of customer application system with credential attributes with DISC’s FDS solution.
  • URL Connector Management and Monitoring
    • Update claims, proxy rules, and directory services interface in FDS system based on customer requirements
    • FDS monitoring, troubleshooting URL issues, infrastructure management, maintenance and incident management.
  • High availability clusters support COOP/DR needs

How We Charge

  • A flexible cost structure for federation services that allows customers to pay only for integrated URLs. Each URL is billed as a per URL per month fee.
  • Once integrated, access rule updates, enhancements, system maintenance and federation infrastructure monitoring is inclusive in the monthly utilization fee.

Service Level Metrics

Measure Service Level Targets
Authentication Service 24 x 7
System Monitoring 24 x 7
Incident Response 24 x 7

Cost Saving Tips

  • Engage DISC early in the scoping phase of a new project to identify all business and technical requirements.
  • Utilize other OCIO service offerings to minimize application integration efforts and reduce costs through economies of scale.
  • Get in early with federation services to receive future enhancements as the technology use cases rapidly expand.

Additional Information

  • As large departments seek to expand and interconnect systems, federation services will be a viable technology to address future requirements.
  • DISC’s Federation Services Hosting Provider Gateway solution supports the native Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) protocol without server agents to achieve SSO for customers who desire web service authentication transparency.

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