Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Project Management


Service Description

Project managers work closely with customers, vendors, and Digital Infrastructure Services Center (DISC) functional areas to coordinate efforts and provide necessary project management functions to ensure timely project success.

What is Included

  • Development of Project Charter
  • Development of project plan and schedule
  • Coordination and scheduling of project activities across customer and DISC functional areas
  • Consultation on operational and infrastructure requirements, standards and configurations
  • Assistance with standard requests for service
  • Facilitate project status meetings
  • Timely project status reporting
  • Address project issues with DISC functional areas and management
  • Escalation of significant issues to customers and DISC executive management
  • Manage project scope and deliverable requirements
  • Document changes to project scope and schedule
  • Facilitate and document project closeout
  • Access to the Project Management Resource Center

How We Charge

Current pricing is based on time and materials.
Customer will only be billed for actual hours worked.

Price Drivers:

  • Complexity and scope of the project
  • Number of functional areas involved

Cost Saving Tips

  • Avoid higher costs associated with high priority service
  • Engage project team early to document requirements
  • Minimize changes during project delivery
  • Avoid historical project cost estimation
  • Ensure that all requirements are documented

Additional Information

  • Customer signoff of deliverables and releases is required
  • Utilize other OCIO service offerings to minimize application integration efforts and reduce costs through economies of scale

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