Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Planning and Integration

An image of four workers gathering at the 40 yard line of a football field. Text reads:  NITC can provide the tecnical expertise to help design, plan, and integrate enterprise-class solutions.

Service Description

NITC can provide key professional services to assist customers in the design, planning, and integration of enterprise-class solutions.  These key services help eliminate project risk and deliver robust technology solutions based on industry-best practices.

What is Included

  • Insight into industry and department
    • Technology roadmaps
    • Strategic plans
    • Best Practices
    • Lessons learned
  • Integration and project planning support
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Technical requirements identification
  • Technical architecture solution design
  • Project risk identification and prioritization
  • Definition of Enterprise Data Center (EDC) standards
  • Standard architecture governance
  • Technical disaster recovery planning
  • Capital investment analysis
  • Technology and system integration cost estimation

How We Charge

Charges are based on actual number of professional services hours.

Price drivers:

Cost Saving Tips

  • Avoid greater costs associated with high priority service
  • Engage project team early to document requirements
  • Minimize changes during project delivery 
  • Avoid historical project cost estimation
  • Ensure that all requirements are documented

  Additional Information

  • Customer acceptance of deliverables is required
  • Utilize other OCIO service offerings to minimize application integration efforts and reduce costs through economies of scale

An image of the National Information Technology Center art with the text: Service Desk: 888-USE-NITC