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United States Department of Agriculture

Managed Hosting

Image of a server.  Text reads: We manage your servers up through the operating system while providing a secure operating environment.

Service Description

NITC will manage customer-provided servers up through the Operating System (OS) in a secure operating environment including systems installation, engineering, administration, and support.

What is Included

  • NITC enterprise class Facility services
  • Availability and utilization monitoring
  • Customer notification of related incidents
  • Physical equipment installation assistance
  • Cabling services per Enterprise Data Center standards
  • Optional customer asset disposal
  • Full Operating Systems administration services
    • Limited systems engineering
    • OS installation and customization
    • OS upgrades and patching
    • Security hardening per NIST standards
    • Application software installation assistance
    • User management and audit log review
    • Virus protection and vulnerability mitigation
    • Disaster recovery support
    • Incident and problem resolution
  • Optional SAN / NAS disk storage services
  • Backup / Archive services with customizable retention
  • Network services
    • Local and Wide Area Networking
    • Network Security Services
  • Related inheritable management controls
  • Optional Professional Services such as:
  Supported Operating Systems
  Service Platform
Operating System x86 Sparc pSeries
VMWare™ x  N/A  N/A
Windows™ x  N/A  N/A
Redhat™ x  N/A  N/A
Solaris™ x x  N/A
AIX™  N/A  N/A x

How We Charge

Hosting charges are based on the number of physical and virtual servers managed.

Price Drivers:

Service Level Metrics

Measure Service Level Targets
System Monitoring 24 x 7
Incident Response 24 x 7
System Availability Varies by customer environment

* NOTE: NITC utilizes the USDA Universal Telecommunication Network (UTN) for Wide Area Network services. The UTN is contractually guaranteed to be 99.9% available but has historically delivered over 99.99% availability.

Cost Saving Tips

  • Utilize NITC Network services
  • Utilize NITC SAN / NAS and Backup/Archive services
  • Utilize server virtualization to reduce hosting costs

Additional Information

  • Customers are required to adhere to NITC Enterprise Data Center power, racking and cabling standards.
  • Customers are required to adhere to NITC Network vulnerability mitigation policy
  • Customers must allow NITC to maintain/update the Operating System to ensure vendor supportability

An image of the National Information Technology Center art with the text: Service Desk: 888-USE-NITC