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Colocation (Customer Network Only)

Service Description

The Digital Infrastructure Services Center (DISC) Midrange Collocation Service provides customers with facilities, physical security, and in the case of "on-network" collocation customers, network security. DISC will not provide any operating system (OS) administration services to collocation customers.

What is Included

Colocation Services include:

  • Facilities planning
  • Standard rack
  • 2 L6-30 power whips to rack with Protocol Data Units (PDUs)
  • 4Kw power for rack
  • DISC will provide power to the rack. Standard power takes full advantage of computer room power redundancies. Additional power outside of what is provided to the rack will be an additional charge to install the power whips.
  • Physical system resets upon customer request
  • Customer notification of facility related incidents
  • Physical equipment installation assistance (funding may be required)
  • External rack cabling services to DISC shared services (see Network Cabling below)
  • Optional customer asset disposal
  • Physical security monitoring

How We Charge

Charges are based on a per rack usage and power in excess of 4Kw.

Price drivers:

  • Number of racks
  • Power usage in excess of 4Kw per rack
  • Additional charges may apply for
    • Power whips beyond the base 2 L6-30 per rack
    • Other Professional Services

Service Level Metrics

Measure Service Level Targets
Incident Response 24 x 7

Cost Saving Tips

  • Engage project team early to document requirements
  • Ensure that all requirements are documented

Additional Information

  • Customer acceptance of deliverables is required
  • All equipment must be dual corded if this is not an option the customer is responsible for providing appropriate rack-mounted Automatic Transfer Switches (ATSs) to power single corded devices.
  • The customer must submit a DISC Service Desk Request for any hardware activity such as adding, removing, and relocating hardware SD-0030.
  • The customer is responsible for all copper and fiber network cabling within their rack(s). For all network connections outside the customer rack(s), the agency must submit a DISC Service Desk Request (see below URL for assistance) detailing the requirement(s). Only DISC authorized cable installers may install copper or fiber cabling from agency racks to any DISC shared services. The customer must coordinate all other external rack cable installations with all involved service providers (e.g., the OCIO/Enterprise Network Service, OCIO/Client Technology Services, Local Exchange Carriers, etc.). The customer is responsible for funding all external cabling requirements.

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