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Image of blue network cable. Text reads: We provide robust Local Area Network connectivity and access to the USDA Wide Area Network and the Internet

Service Description

The NITC Network Services include Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity for hosted systems and applications as well as connectivity to the USDA Wide Area Network (WAN) and the Internet.

What is Included

  • Fully managed LAN infrastructure in each NITC Enterprise Data Center (EDC)
  • Connectivity to the USDA Universal Telecommunications Network (UTN) WAN and Internet
  • Network engineering and design consultation
  • Network utilization monitoring and capacity planning
  • Network load balancing and high availability solutions
  • Fully integrated Network Security services
  • Network cabling as required by NITC EDC standards

How We Charge

The cost of this service is included with other hosting services that rely on this service.

Hosting services that include Network Services:

Service Level Metrics

Measure Service Level Targets
System Monitoring 24 x 7
Incident Response 24 x 7
System Availability 99.9% or more
excluding planned downtime*

*NITC reserves the option to schedule its routine infrastructure maintenance activities on Sundays between 1800 to 2400 hours Central Time.

NOTE: NITC utilizes the USDA Universal Telecommunication Network (UTN) for Wide Area Network services. The USDA is contractually guaranteed to be 99.9% available but has historically delivered over 99.99% availability.

Cost Saving Tips

  • Utilize NITC Network Services instead of hosting a private networking solution
  • Provide at least 180 days' notice for growth or retraction of processing requirements
  • Communicate projected networking requirements on a quarterly basis
  • Limit internet usage to business related activities

Additional Information

  • Customer provided equipment utilizing NITC Network Services must provide dual network connectivity to the EDC Highly-Available Network
  • If optional Backup/Archive services are utilized, network connectivity to the EDC Backup network is also required

An image of the National Information Technology Center art with the text: Service Desk: 888-USE-NITC