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NAS Storage


Service Description

The Digital Infrastructure Services Center (DISC) Network Attached Storage (NAS) service provides a robust disk storage infrastructure for Collocation, Managed Hosting, and Cloud Service customers. DISC exploits storage virtualization technologies, strict standards, and economies of scale to enable rapid delivery of cost-effective, fully-managed disk storage cost/performance options.

What is Included

  • Enterprise-class virtualized disk storage controllers
    • High scalability
    • High performance
    • High availability
    • Robust data replication and migration features
      • Local disk cloning
      • Remote replication for disaster recovery
        • Primary Disk - Continuous
        • Backup Disk - Manual or Scripted
    • Five virtualized disk storage options (Flash, Direct, Shared, Nearline, Bulk)
  • Highly-available NAS infrastructure
    • Utilizes same virtualized disk architecture
    • Supports both NFS and CIFS file sharing
    • Robust data snapshot/replication technology
  • Security of mission-critical data provided through management of access rights
  • Periodic technology refresh
  • Fully secured data access and inheritable controls
  • Proper disposal of failed data components
  • Disaster recovery support for replicated data
  • Dynamic load balancing path management software
  • Recommended Backup/Archive services are also available

Disk Storage Options

Option Performance Purpose
Ultra High High Performance Applications
Direct High PaaS Server
Shared High General Server Infrastructure
Nearline Medium Low Performance Applications
Bulk Low For data with little to no change

How We Charge

Charges are based on connectivity requirements and actual disk allocations by tier.

Price drivers:

  • Storage Allocation in Gigabytes
  • Additional charges may apply for storage allocation associated with any local or remote replication

Service Level Metrics

Measure Service Level Targets
Infrastructure Monitoring 24 x 7
Incident Response 24 x 7
Infrastructure Availability 99.9%* or more

* Target availability does not include any scheduled downtime and requires dual NAS connectivity to the storage infrastructure.

Cost Saving Tips

  • Utilize disk storage tiers appropriately
  • Utilize provided path management software or native Operating System capabilities
  • Utilize NAS solutions for highly available file sharing
  • Proactively inform DISC of disk storage requirements

Additional Information

  • File system and database recovery procedures are typically required for Disaster Recovery

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