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Facility (Enterprise Data Center)

Image of data center equipment. Text reads: We provide a secure, undisturbed system environment and data center infrastructure for hosting customer servers

Service Description

NITC Facility Services provides an optimal Enterprise Data Center (EDC) operating environment for production customer application hosting. All NITC-managed EDCs adhere to USDA EDC standards and include key fault-tolerant characteristics equivalent to Uptime Institute Tier standards.

What is Included

Production Enterprise Data Centers

  • Kansas City, Missouri (Production)
    Tier IV - Fault Tolerant Site Infrastructure
    A Fault Tolerant data center has multiple, independent, physically isolated systems that have redundant capacity components and multiple, independent, diverse, active distribution paths simultaneously serving the computer equipment.
  • Saint Louis, Missouri (Disaster Recovery)
    Tier III - Concurrently Maintainable Site Infrastructure
    A concurrently maintainable data center with redundant capacity components and multiple, independent distribution paths serving the computer equipment.

Development, Test, and Disaster Recovery Center

  • Beltsville, Maryland
    Tier 1 - Basic Site Infrastructure
    A basic data center with non-redundant capacity components and a single, non-redundant distribution path serving the computer equipment.

How We Charge

The cost of this service is included with other hosting services that rely on this service.

Hosting services that include Facility Services:

Service Level Metrics

Measure Service Level Targets
System Monitoring 24 x 7 x 365
Incident Response 24 x 7 x 365
Beltsville (Tier 1)
Saint Louis (Tier III)
Kansas City (Tier IV)

* - NITC reserves the right to schedule occasional infrastructure downtime and maintenance activities to accommodate growth and ensure optimal availability.

Cost Saving Tips

  • Utilize NITC Enterprise Data Centers to obtain optimal business application availability
    • Kansas City for Production applications
    • St. Louis for Disaster Recovery

Additional Information

  • Escorted access to the data center for authorized customer personnel can be scheduled to perform necessary operational tasks
  • Certified DOJ Level IV Secure Facility
  • USDA DM 3510-01 Physical Security Standards for Information Technology Compliant
  • Security measures include
    • Guard stations
    • Parking lot and exterior building surveillance
    • Computer room entry and egress surveillance
    • Computer room entry and egress secured with buffer zone and biometric access control

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