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An image of a Disk Array. Text reads: We provide a robust combination of hardware and software technologies for data protection and archive requirements

Service Description

The NITC Backup Storage service provides a robust combination of hardware and software technologies for Collocation, Managed Hosting, and Cloud Service customers’ data protection and archive requirements. NITC exploits tape virtualization and automation technologies to enable the delivery of cost-effective, fully-managed data protection and data lifecycle storage solutions.

What is Included

  • Fully managed data protection and archive solutions
  • Both onsite and offsite data storage available
  • Enterprise-class virtual tape technology
    • High scalability
    • High performance
    • Remote data replication features
  • Automated real tape technology
    • High-capacity tape drives
    • Fully automated tape libraries
  • Automated data protection software
    • Network and SAN client software
    • Optional database client software
  • Automated Archive Management Software
    • Automated archiving from disk to tape
    • SAN /NAS disk storage required
  • Fully secured data access and inheritable controls
  • Proper disposal of failed data components
  • Disaster recovery support

Standard Backup Schedule and Retention*

Backup Type Frequency Onsite Retention Offsite Retention
Full Weekly 60 days 60 days
Incremental Daily 14 days 14 days

*Backup schedule and retention periods are customizable

How We Charge

Charges are based on actual backup/archive data stored.

Price drivers:

  • Total amount of data protected
  • Change rate of data protected
  • Required backup schedule
  • Type of archive storage required
  • Data retention periods

Service Level Metrics

Measure Service Level Targets 
Infrastructure Monitoring 24 x 7
Incident Response 24 x 7
Infrastructure Availability 99.9%* or more

*The NITC Backup/Archive solutions are designed to balance availability and control costs.

Cost Saving Tips

  • Follow information lifecycle management best practices
    • Purge unused data
    • Retain only required data

Additional Information

  • Customers are responsible for communicating any special backup schedule or retention requirements
  • Customer provided equipment utilizing NITC Backup Services must provide additional network connectivity to the EDC Backup Network

An image of the National Information Technology Center art with the text: Service Desk: 888-USE-NITC