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National Archives and Records Administration(NARA) Records Management Courses

Washington National Records Center

Association of Records Managers and Administrators

Maintaining Access to and Integrityof Federal Information

Legal Considerations with Electronic Business Processes

Transferring Electronic Records to the National Archives and Records Administration

Electronic Recordkeeping Systems

On-Line Records Management Tutorials and Publications

Records for Senior Officials

  • Documenting Your Public Service. NARA provides high-level Government officials with basic information to enable them to distinguish Federal records from other documentary materials, including personal files.
  • Personal Papers of Executive Branch Officials, A summary of records guidelines for Senior Officials.
  • Preparing the Official Records of Executive Officials. Guidelines for preparing the official records of Senior Officials for review by the National Archives and Records Administration.

Vital Records and Disaster Recovery

Records Management Position Descriptions

  • Agency Records Officer creates policies and procedures for managing agency records. They control, organize, direct, and trains records management staff to achieve agency information resources goals and objectives. Agency Records Officers coordinate and promote records management programs with program officials, information resource managers, and senior agency management.
  • Agency Files Custodian provides records management support services, and work with the Agency Records Officers and other Records Liaisons Officers on special projects and initiatives to improve the management of records.

Quick Location of General Record Schedules Retention Instructions

  1. Click on
  2. Click on the alphabet letter that matches the first letter of your topic.
  3. The subject listing will show two numbers following the topic. The first number is the General Records Schedule (GRS). The second number is the Item Number within that GRS.
  4. Hit your back arrow twice to return to the listing of schedules, and click on the appropriate schedule. 

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