Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Records Contacts

USDA Agency Records Officers create policies and procedures for managing agency records. They control, organize, direct, and train records management staff to achieve agency information resources goals and objectives. Agency Records Officers coordinate and promote records management programs with program officials, information resource managers, and senior agency management.

National Archives and Records Administration Appraisal Work Group, has record scheduling and appraisal responsibilities.

National Archives and Records Administration Records Center Program provides storage and service of official records, including:

  • Transfers, reference requests, secure disposals, document conversions;
  • Implementing, modifying, and removing records disposal freezes in response to court orders, supporting freeze implementation across the entire records system;
  • Working with NARA's Life Cycle Management Division to automatically update records retention schedules without agency intervention, assuring current disposition standards are used in disposal actions

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