Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Records Management

The OCIO is responsible for managing USDA's Record Management Program. Policies, responsibilities, and procedures for record keeping and responsibilities of personnel in various Departmental positions with respect to records are summarized in Departmental Regulation 3080-001.

USDA Records Management


A United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) workforce that is trained, knowledgeable and understands the value of protecting the nation’s vital federal records, has the infrastructure and software to efficiently retain and track vital records and that the information is accessible, safe and reliable.


Provide competent, thoroughly trained, records management officers in every USDA agency who are committed to improve records management services to the department and the public. 

Ensure that pertinent information is easily available in the most efficient manner, to the right person, in the correct format, in a timely manner anywhere in the world. 

Document records management activities through the life-cycle records management process. 

Implement the laws and regulations pertaining to records management and scheduling records which are the critical elements in support of this mission.  This includes promoting sound records management principles and supporting access to information for legal, financial and operational decisions.

Indicators of success will be the ability of USDA records officials to: 

  • respond to requests for information and release of information to the public (in support of the Freedom of Information Act)
  • ensure all USDA employees are well-informed of their records management responsibilities through annual training per 36 CFR §1220.34
  • to comply with the E-Government Act of 2002 through the development and submission of USDA E-Systems 

The USDA shall do this while effectively protecting the rights and interests of the United States, USDA, the public, and USDA employees.

Records Policy

Departmental Regulations; Federal laws; NARA Bulletins; Forms.


USDA Agency Records Officers; NARA Resources

Tools and Links

Courses, On-Line Training, Publications, Position Descriptions, and a Glossary. Also FIRM Council; ARMA, NARA, and the CIO Council

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