Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Forms Management

The OCIO, Information Management Division, has overall responsibility for the USDA Forms Management Program. Currently each agency or staff office uses the most cost effective method of stocking, reproducing and ordering forms. Several avenues are available for USDA to make use of forms.

USDA Automated Forms

Many USDA forms are now readily available on-line. to better serve its employees and customers. This system, hosted on the OCIO internet site, provides a repository of USDA’s AD, SF and OF forms. They are provided in several formats, including pdf, fillable pdf, Flow Flow, InForms, and WORD. The variety of formats reflects individual agency needs based on their internal electronic forms systems. The majority of these forms are used for administrative purposes. Some of these forms can be filled out and submitted interactively.

You must also have a version of Microsoft Word or you can download a free version of Adobe Acrobat to read the PDF files.

Please note: If you experience problems viewing a PDF form, you may need to reconfigure your browser to work with Acrobat or Reader plug-in. For helpful instructions please consult Acrobat Support at

Agency representatives or others who have licensed versions of these applications (version 2.0 or above) may make use of the forms provided.

GSA Forms Catalog

Several agencies within the US Government have made forms available to their "customers" and can be accessed through their web sites: provides "one-stop-shopping" for forms needed for the top Government services used by the public.

Electronic Services offered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and the Rural Development (RD) Agencies of the United States Department of Agriculture. One service currently available on this site is electronic forms. Forms commonly used by customers of FSA, NRCS, and RD are available here 

Office of Personal Management (OPM)

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

Savings Bonds

Worker's Compensation (OWCP)

(USDA Only Access)

U.S. Postal Service (USPS)

Click here for a list of Agency Forms Managers.

Government-wide Forms

Agencies may choose to make use of automated forms available at the government's General Services Administration (GSA) website. GSA has placed almost 400 federal forms on the site. These are primarily "Standard" and "Optional" forms and can be viewed, filled in, printed, E-mailed or faxed directly from the Internet. This site eliminates the need for users to purchase costly formfill packages and makes many commonly used government forms easily accessible to federal agencies as well as the public.

The GSA website includes free DocNet ™ web-fill software developed by Intercon Associates which can be downloaded and launched as a helper application each time a DocNet form is chosen to view or fill. This free plug-in must be downloaded in order to have the capability of reading or completing the DocNet-created form.

To read more about the GSA initiative, go to ...
or visit ....
General Services Administration "forms" website.

  Paper Forms

USDA's "Consolidated Forms and Publication Distribution Center" (CFPDC) sells and distributes most federal paper forms to other federal agencies.

The list of all forms available through the USDA CFPDC
(PDF 241KB)