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About the USDA Departmental Directives

DR 0100-1 Departmental Directives System. This regulation prescribes policies, responsibilities, standards, and procedures for issuing Departmental Directives.

Departmental Regulations (DRs). Regulations promulgate Departmental Policy; delegate authority; establish responsibility; establish statutory, national advisory, or interagency committees; and prescribe procedures governing USDA activities and operations. Departmental Regulations (DRs) may also include selected material of an administrative nature that is published in the Federal Register or the Code of Federal Regulations..

Departmental Manuals (DMs). Manuals are used for detailed, relatively lengthy technical guidance that is procedural in nature and Department-wide in scope. Manuals generally are written for "specialist" audiences. They provide standards and guidance pertaining to a particular subject or administrative function, generally of the type that must be referred to on a daily or frequent basis. Some manuals implement an external agency directive series with USDA policy and procedural guidance.

Departmental Notices (DNs). Notices announce department-wide policy or procedure that normally address a single subject and is temporary or non-recurring. Notices also provide permanent policy or procedure that requires immediate dissemination but will be codified within one year in a Departmental Regulation or manual or in an agency directives system.

Secretary's Memoranda. Secretary's Memoranda establish or announce changes in major policy concerning missions and programs of the Department, direct or implement action on these programs, or redirect or change policy or action in these areas.

Secretary's Announcements. The Secretary's vehicle for issuing transitory material of special interest and other information which does not conform to the description of a directive. While the Secretary's announcements are not part of the USDA Directives System, they are issued and administered by the same staff that maintains the Departmental Directives.