Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Enterprise Geospatial Management Office (EGMO)

Leadership for Strategy, Planning, and Operational Capabilities


The EGMO provides enterprise-level leadership to align geospatial strategic planning, policy, tactical implementation, and operational capability with USDA’s mission requirements and performance goals. 

Our key focus areas are:

  • Ensuring agency geospatial products and services are represented and managed as enterprise assets
  • Enabling equal access to shared services
  • Conducting public service innovation prototypes 

Strategic Goals

  • Establish a collaborative network of geospatial practitioners, stakeholders, and partners
  • Increase the lifecycle value of geospatial products and services to ensure relevancy to public
  • Create agency workflow process visibility to locate best practices and improve speed to market
  • Build enterprise capacity to define and solve complex public policy and administration problems 
  • Secretary’s Strengthening Service initiative   

Contact Information

Dr. Ron A. Sequeira
Geospatial Information Officer
919-349-4425 (cell) ; 202-619-8550 (office)