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Enterprise Applications Services (EAS)

Integrating the Future


At EAS we provide a full spectrum of innovative business and professional services for developing, maintaining and supporting enterprise-class business applications to federal and non-federal agencies.

Our goal is to be the number one choice for integrated enterprise applications, web services, custom desktop, mobile and geospatial applications, and security and compliance services.


Application Development

Development and enhancements for enterprise class, large, medium and small applications and services. Your data and supporting applications securely integrated.

Section 508 Compliance Testing

Professional 508 compliance testing for your application or web site.

Database Management

Professional expertise to install, configure, operate, and maintain industry standard database software.

Security and Compliance

Security support, consulting, and A&A services built into your application development project.

Web Services

Professional expertise to create and maintain innovative web technology development.

Maintenance and Operations

Access, availability, and reliability 24/7.

Mobile Computing

Consulting and development services for Android, iOS and Mobile Web Applications.


Professional expertise to develop and manage your SharePoint site. Custom development services and support options available.

Enterprise Geospatial Management Office

Map application development and integration. Geospatial data modeling and management. Desktop and web geospatial tools and services. Integration of COTS solutions. Mobile data collection.


The Agriculture Learning (AgLearn) system is USDA's Department-wide system for managing training records and activity at USDA, DNFSB, EXIM, IMLS and USAGM.

Digital Services Center

We provide Salesforce, MuleSoft  and ServiceNow services and support. USDA software as a service License Management.

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Contact Us

Bill Palm, EAS Project Support, Phone:  970-295-5268

Deb May, Project Support and Digital Services Center

Elizabeth McKenna, Applications Services Branch (ASB) Branch Chief

Simone Rees, Applications Engineering Branch (AEB) Branch Chief

Jerome Davin, Director, Enterprise SaaS Branch

Shirley Hall, Geospatial Program Staff, Manager

Chris North, EAS Director