Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Enabling The Business

As a customer service organization, the OCIO is not in the business of simply providing technology (for its own sake). We are in the business of making sure technology serves as a platform for achieving the goals stated in the Secretary’s Strategic Plan.

Here are some of the ways we’re helping USDA organizations use technology to fulfill their missions:

Image of Electronic Fax Conversion

eFax combines the benefits of e-mail with a secure method to communicate with customers or colleagues by fax. It also supports the USDA Green IT Initiative by reducing our consumption of paper and power for fax machines.

The Optimized Computing Environment supports modernization and technological advancement across the USDA enterprise. When fully developed, it will define a set of IT standards for aligning USDA’s infrastructure to its mission. 

AgLearn logo on a yellow background

The Agriculture Learning (AgLearn) system is USDA's department-wide system for managing training records and activity at USDA. USDA employees and partners use AgLearn to search, enroll in, and record all training opportunities online, any time, any place. AgLearn is the official system of records for all training and career development for USDA's employees.

CoPilot Logo by DSC

DSC community portal, Copilot - your one-stop shop to acquire digital transformation services, leveraging salesforce, MuleSoft, servicenow and tableau. Copilot provides information on SaaS cloud platforms, advice on acquiring platform licenses, and technical support through the development process using a DevOps best practice approach. Copilot also provides a community where agencies can share and collaborate with each other using the AppExchange.