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Service Description

AgLearn is USDA’s enterprise training and workforce development system.  AgLearn is a full-service operation that provides comprehensive solutions to meet the highly diverse training requirement of USDA’s offices and agencies.  As the official training data repository for USDA, AgLearn also provides a central source of reports and information to managers and executives on the status of training activities and the associated value of those activities.

What's Included

AgLearn supports:

  • Mandated Training – to include the creation, delivery, and monitoring of mandatory training as dictated by law, regulation, or executive mandate.
  • Classroom Management – to include registration, provisioning, coaching, and delivering of online and offline training to over 25,000 participants each year.
  • External Training Management – including an online SF-182 form for automatically requesting, reviewing, and approving/disapproving external training.
  • Library of Common Work Resources – including 1) over 6,000 courses and 15,000 books and videos across a wide spectrum of development activities and learning modes, and 2) low -cost access to the Rosetta Stone portfolio of language learning resources.
  • Creation of Mission-specific Online Courses – which includes over 100 custom courses a year to support the training needs of the many programs, services, and systems in USDA. 
  • Talent/Competency Management – to include individual development activities, leadership development initiatives, and workforce management planning.

How We Charge

Financially AgLearn has two primary groups:

  •  Federal employees – who have access to all of the assigned material in AgLearn to include licensed material from training vendors.
  •  Non- Federal employees – who have access to all of the assigned material except for licensed material from training vendors.

These two groups are charged different rates to account for their different costs.  Both groups are paid for by two different internal USDA funding mechanisms designed to pay for USDA-wide activities.  AgLearn routinely analyzes the economic value-added and return-on-investment of it activities and adjusts its activities accordingly. In addition AgLearn actively seeks structured user feedback on its activities and services and adjusts its training portfolio based on this feedback.

Service Level Metrics

Measure AgLearn Target SLA
System Monitoring 24 x 7
Incident Response 24 x 7
System Availability 99.5% excluding planned outages
Facility Security 24 x 7

Cost Saving Tips

AgLearn has vast training economies-of-scale that are rarely found outside of large organizations.  Training assets and services that are rarely delivered to smaller organizations are routinely delivered via AgLearn. As such AgLearn conservatively estimates that it covers its costs many times over each year.  Online training delivery can accommodate a standardized high-quality user learning experience delivered anywhere in the world on a wide variety of devices whenever the user wants it.

Additional Information

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Jerome Davin

AgLearn Program Staff, Manager

OCIO, Enterprise Applications Services