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The Human Resources Support Center (HRSC) at the National Finance Center in New Orleans is staffed with human resources professionals who are eager to provide outstanding customer service.  Agents are available from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Central Standard / Daylight Time), Monday – Friday, except Federal holidays,  to respond to questions regarding recruitment requests submitted by customer agencies, the status of employment applications, personnel security, and benefits including retirements, time and attendance, and employee relations. 

Issues reported to the HRSC will be added to the HRSC Tracking System (Remedy) and monitored through completion.  The tracking system also includes a knowledge base so that solutions for common issues are readily available.   In addition, the first time a customer calls, their contact information will be entered into the database so that future responses can be tailored to their unique needs.

Starting in July 2014, the tracking system will forward a survey to customers once the issue has been resolved so that they can provide valuable feedback on their experience with the HRSC. 

OCIO customers have two options available to contact the HRSC, a toll free number and email.   Note, the local number assigned to HRSC, 504-426-0327, will be available until June 1, 2014, only.  Customers are urged to begin using the toll free number immediately.  Detailed information on both the toll free number and the email option is noted below.  

Toll Free Number:  1-855-227-8131


Communication Policy

NFC will follow the guidelines below  in order to deliver quality and timely services:

  • Acknowledge receipt of e-mail messages within two (2) business days
  • Provide a response to inquiries no later than two (2) business days of initial request
  • If additional time is needed to obtain an accurate answer to an inquiry, provide a response no later than two (2) business days of the initial request explaining the circumstances and giving an anticipated delivery date
  • If a delivery date cannot be met, contact customer in advance of the deadline to explain the situation and coordinate a new delivery date 

Special Handling & Escalation Policy

  • Special Handling: Customers with a time-sensitive or critical issue may request special handling via e-mail at OCIOHRALERT@NFC.USDA.GOV,  which will directly notify NFC HR Management to the sensitive issue.
  • Escalation: When a customer has issues or concerns that have not been met in a timely manner, the customer may escalate the unresolved issue to OCIOHRHRALERT@NFC.USDA.GOV which will directly notify NFC HR Management

For other customer relations issues or service requests, please forward to: OCIO.HRMAILBOX@NFC.USDA.GOV

US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
National Finance Center
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HR Support Center:  1-855-227-8131
OCIO e-Fax Number: 303-235-7550