Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Departmental Regulation 9500-003

Land Use Staff Soil Conservation Service

Land Use Policy

The Nation's farmlands, forest lands, rangelands, flood plains, and wetlands are unique natural resources providing food, fiber, wood, and water necessary for the continued welfare of the people of the United States and protection from floods. Each year, large amounts of these lands are converted to other uses. Continued conversion of the Nation's farmlands, forest lands, and rangelands may impair the ability of the United States to produce sufficient food, fiber, and wood to meet domestic needs and the demands of export markets. Continued conversion of the Nation's wetlands may reduce the availability of adequate supplies of suitable-quality water, indigenous wildlife species, and the productive capacity of the Nation's fisheries. Continued encroachments on flood plains decrease the expensive manmade flood-control measures and disaster-relief activities, and endanger both lives and property.


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