Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Departmental Regulation 4040-412-001

Office of Human Resources Management

Leadership Competency Framework and Assessments


This regulation establishes the USDA Leadership Competency Framework to support leadership development of USDA employees.

A clearly defined leadership model will help USDA employees and supervisors develop their leadership skills. All USDA employees should have a common set of leadership competencies that are used throughout the Department for individual leadership development needs and as part of any leadership development program delivered by USDA agencies.

By using a common leadership competency framework USDA personnel will be better able to assess their leadership capabilities for developmental purposes and to support the Department’s workforce and succession planning efforts.

This Departmental Regulation will:
a. Ensure consistent use of leadership competencies and assessments throughout the USDA.
b. Minimize duplication of effort among USDA agencies in developing and managing leadership competency assessments.
c. Establish a standard framework for employee development based on the Office of Personnel Management leadership competencies (see Appendix I).