Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Departmental Regulation 2570-002

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Waiver of Employee Claims From Erroneous Payments of Pay and Allowances


The purpose of this regulation is to establish Departmental policy for waiver of employee claims resulting from erroneous payments of pay and allowances.


It is the Department’s policy to comply with the standards for waiver of claims identified in 5 U.S.C. 5584, and ensure that employee requests for waiver of overpayment of pay and allowances are settled by investigating the overpayment and coordinating the resolution of the employee’s waiver claim.

General Officers, Departmental Agency Heads, and their specific designees, with limitation noted below, are delegated the authority to waive erroneous overpayments of pay and allowances. The delegation includes payments to or on behalf of employees, or former employees, in full or in part, without regard to amount.

Further redelegation is limited to only those overpayments with a gross value of $1,500 or less. Redelegations should be held to the highest administrative level possible.

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