Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Departmental Regulation 1070-001

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

USDA Policy Statement on Climate Change Adaptation

1. Purpose

This Departmental Regulation provides guidance on the establishment and periodic revision of a USDA Climate Change Adaptation Plan. It is consistent with guidance from the Council on Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience, and guidance from the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), for the implementation of Executive Order (E.O.) 13653, and, where applicable, E.O. 13677.

While the scope, severity, and pace of future climate change impacts are difficult to predict, these potential changes have important impacts on USDA’s ability to fulfill its core mission. Through adaptation planning and implementation, USDA will identify how climate change is likely to affect its ability to achieve its mission, operations, and policy and program objectives. Climate change adaptation is a critical complement to mitigation; both are required to address the causes and consequences of climate change. Through adaptation planning, USDA will develop, prioritize, implement, and evaluate actions to minimize climate risks, and exploit new opportunities that climate change may bring. By integrating climate change adaptation strategies into USDA’s programs and operations, USDA better ensures that taxpayer resources are invested wisely and that USDA services and operations remain effective under current and future climate conditions. Through climate adaptation planning, USDA is taking a leadership role in ensuring the vision of a resilient, healthy, and prosperous Nation in the face of a changing climate.



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