Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Departmental Regulation 1043-040

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Assignment of Responsibilities for Review and Oversight of Working Capital Fund Activities


This Regulation identifies and establishes, where necessary, individuals and organizations responsible for the financial health of and efficient operation of activities supported by the Departmental Working Capital Fund (WCF). It describes the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the Assistant Secretary for Administration (ASA), the Controller of the WCF, and others as they relate to the financial management of the WCF and as they conform to requirements under the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990 and Departmental reorganization activities.


Departmental Regulation 1043-15 (April 8, 1983) is hereby canceled and superseded with this Regulation.

In April 1983, Departmental Regulation 1043-15 was approved, establishing offices and processes to ensure the effective and efficient operation and review of WCF activities. This structure enabled the WCF to operate productively in several ways: by establishing avenues for agency user oversight, by providing mechanisms for making recommendations on WCF finances and operations, by establishing an office of WCF Controller to manage the day-to-day financial oversight requirements of the WCF, and by defining responsibilities for staff offices and activity centers providing services with WCF support.

However, this structure is no longer adequate to meet the new environment both inside and outside the WCF. The Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990 established a Chief Financial Officer in USDA responsible for financial management and oversight. There were no provisions in the superseded Regulation to enable the CFO to fulfill his responsibilities regarding the WCF. Also, over this period, the reorganization and restructuring of the Department have changed the environment in which the WCF operates. The scope of the WCF expanded in such a way -- both in the number of services and customers served -- that a more effective customer-oriented user/provider relationship is needed. This Regulation addresses each of these items.

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