Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Departmental Regulation 1042-042

National Agricultural Statistics Service

Agricultural Statistics Board


  1. This regulation describes responsibilities of the Agricultural Statistics Board (ASB) to prepare and issue the official National and State forecasts and estimates of the Department relating to crop production, stocks of agricultural commodities, livestock and livestock products, dairy and dairy products, poultry and poultry products, agricultural prices, economic information, agricultural wage rates, chemical usage, and such other subjects as the Administrator of the National Agricultural Statistics Service may direct.
  1. NASS Headquarters and Field Offices will gather information for official forecasts and estimates from farmers and ranchers and from processors, dealers, cooperating State and local officials, government agencies and from other sources; and from peanut processors, holders, dealers, owners, manufacturers of peanut products, and grower cooperative associations (7 U.S.C. 951 et. seq.). Information will be collected by telephone, mail or internet questionnaire, personal enumeration, or by other appropriate means.


      This regulation supersedes DR 1042-42 dated August 29, 2002.

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