Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Departmental Manual 3525-000

Office of the Chief Information Officer - Cyber Security

Internet & E-mail Security




This Departmental Manual chapter supplements the requirements of Departmental Regulation (DR) 3300-1, Telecommunications, Appendix I and updates DR 3140-2, Internet Security Policy.  Overall, this chapter is designed to specify the conditions for use of the Internet by USDA agencies and mission areas. 

Part 1, USDA Internet Access for Private Internet Service Providers establishes the requirement for Internet access to be obtained by agencies/mission areas from the USDA Internet Access Network whenever feasible.  In addition, security provisions are outlined that must be met by all agencies that use private Internet Service Providers on an exception basis.

Part 2, Internet Use & Copyright Restrictions defines the several conditions for the authorized use of the Internet and protection of USDA Information Technology (IT) resources.   Material in this part includes both operational requirements and expected official behavior on the part of USDA users.

Part 3, Telework and Remote Access Security provides security policy with regard to Telework Arrangements and Remote Access to USDA’s networks.   Material in this part includes policy and a Telework Security Checklist for use by all agencies and staff offices in establishing these arrangements.

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