Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

CIO Corner


Jonathan Alboum
Chief Information Officer


As a USDA IT community, the ultimate aim of the IT products and services we develop and manage is to benefit the public through USDA’s diverse programs and mission.

Our USDA IT mission statement embraces this as our privilege:  We serve the public by delivering the information and technology that energize USDA's mission.

When we claim that the information and technology that we deliver, manage, and secure energize the USDA mission, we mean that what we do collectively in OCIO amounts to something more than merely providing IT support.

We make USDA programs better by helping them achieve their missions more efficiently and effectively.

Our ultimate goal, outlined in our USDA IT Vision, is to be business partners creating innovative solutions for food, farms, forests, and families.

To realize the full potential of our shared USDA IT mission and vision, I firmly believe that we need a set of shared values that guide the way we work in OCIO, throughout our USDA IT community, and with our business partners in USDA's agencies and offices.

My team and I have a commitment to lead our teams in such a way that we are:

  • Mission-focused – Serve USDA’s programs and customers first
  • Transparent – Build trust and inclusiveness by showing motives, being open, and sharing knowledge
  • Collaborative – Partner with others to deliver optimal value
  • High-performing – Achieve the highest standards of excellence by developing yourself and your teams

As we partner with USDA agencies and other Federal entities, we apply these values in our daily work to energize USDA’s mission and the essential services it provides to the public.

We are in IT together.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Alboum
Chief Information Officer