Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

USDA Connect

Enterprise Business Collaboration for USDA

USDA Connect is a web-based suite of collaborative applications allowing you to work with colleagues how you want, when you want. With Connect’s simplified interface and out of the box functionality, you can set up a virtual group called a community complete with your choice of blogs, files, forums, surveys, wikis, calendars, activities and more, ready to go in minutes without the need of a team of developers and admins to do it for you. Work, gather feedback, and share ideas for projects, special interest groups, business units, agencies, or even the whole Department. Connect is accessed using eAuthentication, so you can pull up the environment anywhere you have internet access, even on mobile devices. Don’t want to have to constantly login to check on the status of your content? Connect provides email notifications for all your content where you can customize how often you receive emails for each application you work with.

External Collaboration

USDA Connect supports external collaboration allowing USDA and non-USDA users to work together in specially designated externally accessible communities. External, or guest users have a reduced interface to the system where they can only see communities that they have been specifically added to, but once in a community, they are free to share files, post ideas, provide feedback, ask questions and more alongside USDA employees.

If you have any questions about Connect or are curious how to utilize it for your business needs, contact us at for more information. For more information on the different offerings available with USDA Connect, download our informational brochure here.