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eFax combines the benefits of e-mail, while providing USDA agencies with a secure method to communicate by fax.

Modernizing and Securing Fax Transmissions

eFax combines the benefits of e-mail with a secure method to communicate with customers or colleagues by fax. It also supports the USDA Green IT Initiative by reducing our consumption of paper and power for fax machines.

Sending a Fax Using eFax: Attach and Send

Instead of using a fax machine, all you have to do is attach the file to an e-mail, and send it to the eFax service using the recipient’s fax number. After conversion in the eFax service center, the fax is sent to the recipient.

Receiving a Fax Through eFax

Through eFax, you can have an individual fax account or a group fax account. The customer or colleague uses their fax machine to send a fax to your individual or group fax number. The fax is converted at the eFax service center and routed to the e-mail address associated with the fax number. You will receive an e-mail with the faxed document as a PDF attachment.

Benefits of eFax

Using eFax as a modern faxing solution allows you to securely connect with customers and colleagues—without inconvenient interruptions to your work life. It also enables USDA to:

  • Streamline document management
  • Secure direct faxing
  • Eliminate fax machine maintenance
  • Decentralize faxing
  • Eliminate power usage for fax machines
  • Reduce costs by minimizing use of consumables and the need for dedicated phone lines

Get eFax in Your Office

Please contact the Electronic Fax Coordinator,, to set up a time to discuss how your agency can take advantage of this service.