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Enterprise Architecture


The USDA Enterprise Architecture (EA) helps make sure information technology investments align with the mission and goals of the Department. It defines how information and technology should support USDA’s strategic goals and benefit the business.


The intent of the USDA Enterprise Architecture is to help make the information technology (IT) expenditures more effectively serve the mission and goals of the organization. Enterprise architecture defines how information and technology support USDA’s strategic planning to benefit our business. There are many ways to organize the information and diagrams that make up the architecture.

Enterprise Architecture Contacts

Jonathan Benett
Enterprise Architecture Director

Brian Brotsos
Data Architect

David Waddell
Technology Architect

Sean May
Standards/Application Architect

Virginia Davis
Portfolio Architect


Enterprise Architecture Links

The Federal Information Technology (IT) Shared Services Strategy (published May 2, 2012) provides Federal Agencies with policy guidance on the full range and lifecycle of intra- and inter-agency information technology (IT) shared services. These enable mission, administrative, and infrastructure-related IT functions. This strategy is part of the "Shared First" strategy which seeks to increase return on investment, eliminate waste and duplication, and improve the effectiveness of IT solutions.

The OMB document The Common Approach To Federal Enterprise Architecture published on May 2, 2012, which directly addresses shared services guidance as an Enterprise Architecture General Principle on page 13: "Shared Services. Agencies should select reusable and sharable services and products to obtain mission or support functionality. Increasingly, the Federal Government is becoming a coordinator and consumer as opposed to the producer of products and services. Standardization on common functions and customers will help Federal Agencies implement change in a timely manner."

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