Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

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EGMO helps USDA organizations use geospatial technologies to achieve their missions.


The EGMO works closely with agency executives, program directors, GIS practitioners, and external partners to:

  • Identify operational best practices, which may be elevated and reused as enterprise solutions
  • Define and resolve gaps in geospatial capacity and competency
  • Manage geospatial portfolio decisions to reduce duplication, redundancy, and obsolesce
  • Create scalable geospatial pilot products and services to foster rapid adoption of new technologies  

Overall Capabilities

The EGMO offers customer capabilities in the following:

  • Developing geospatial thinking decision-making tools for executives and program managers
  • Optimizing Geographic Information System (GIS) programs and process
  • Improving use and value of limited resources
  • Creating pilots and prototypes to demonstrate value proposition of GIS

The Enterprise Geospatial Management Office (EGMO) provides leadership for strategy, planning, and operational capabilities