Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

EAS Mobile Computing Program Management Office

Three green arrows, each with following words: Transform Organization, Modernize Technology, Mobilize Business. Black center with words: Mobile Strategy.In this new era of mobile computing, powerful hand held devices, wireless communications, cloud services and social networks are creating new boundaries that blur the lines between personal computing and corporate resources.  USDA must embrace this new world and be ready to mobilize our business, transform our organizations, and modernize our technical infrastructures to meet the significant opportunities, as well as, challenges that mobility brings to the work place.

Responding to today’s mobile opportunities, architecting for tomorrow’s cloud environments, and integrating them with USDA’s legacy infrastructures are all daunting challenges. As the adoption and use of mobile devices are accelerating within our agency, OCIO needs to stay on the forefront of these technical trends with a well thought out strategy and flexible solution architectures to be able to manage and take advantage of these transformational opportunities in business delivery.

Enterprise Applications Services (EAS) has responded to this challenge and has established a Mobile Computing Program Management Office which is working across OCIO and USDA Agencies to formulate a strategy, direction and to implement tools and technologies supporting the business needs.  

The USDA Mobile Computing Program Objectives include:

  • Enabling an increasingly mobile workforce to access high-quality digital government information and services anytime, on any device;
  • Procuring and managing devices, applications, and data in smart, secure and affordable ways;
  • Supporting a heterogeneous set of mobile device types;
  • Deploying solutions that leverage personal devices, enhance work-life balance, and optimize worker productivity; and
  • Implementing end-to-end integrated and streamlined solutions for executing USDA’s mobility strategy that empower mobile users while improving IT management and visibility, gaining control, and cutting costs.

Only through a holistic approach – taking into account agency business needs, user needs, and addressing the seven key domains (in the diagram below) – will a mobile computing strategy be most effective and provide maximum gain to USDA’s employees, business partners and customers.

Image describing Mobile Computing: Mobile Computing consists of 7 architectural domains including application, device, security, support services, network, data and integrated workplace.

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