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Data Center Services

The NITC Enterprise Solutions are developed utilizing government and industry standards and best practices. Our Level IV data center facilities utilize state-of-the-art, enterprise class infrastructure technologies to deliver optimal yet cost-effective solutions. NITC has a diverse and dedicated staff of Information Technology professionals who are proficient in systems architecture and integration, infrastructure management and operation, and disaster recovery. They work with customers to deliver secure and highly available solutions. The NITC secure IT infrastructure consists of virtualized mainframe and midrange platforms as well as virtualized network and storage infrastructure. The systems and applications managed by NITC are national in scope, mission critical, and essential for the operations of the United States government.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): The NITC Infrastructure as a Service provides a virtual machine infrastructure which allows customers the option to maintain control of their operating and general support systems at the system level. IaaS is provided for customers to maintain control of their hosting platform while allowing NITC to control the infrastructure on which it resides. NITC also offers three tiers of IaaS storage that are available to customers on demand.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): The NITC Platform as a Service builds on the IaaS to provide customers with robust hardware platforms that are virtualized for optimal cost efficiency and flexibility. The underlying hardware is coupled with NITC Network and NITC Storage services to provide a fully managed operating platform up to and including one of the supported operating systems. In addition to the supported operating systems, NITC currently also offers various PaaS services including database, web portal, web server etc. The PaaS services include software license management and essential professional services for the products included in the service.
  • Managed Hosting: For extremely large or unique applications that require dedicated hardware, NITC will manage customer provided servers up through the operating system (OS) in a secure operating environment Including systems installation, engineering, administration, and support.
  • Professional Services: NITC can provide the professional services required for integrating and administering enterprise-class business applications and databases, project management, and planning for technology advancements and disaster recovery.

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