Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Doing Business with the Client Experience Center (CEC)

Prospective customer organizations may see the services that the CEC organization has to offer through the OCIO Service Catalog. CEC technical staff work with prospective customers to identify the services needed to support the customers’ business needs.

Service-Level Agreements

Objectives inherent in CEC and customer collaborations include not only meeting functional requirements, but also meeting our customers’ financial requirements. Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) are used to document and formalize the service provider and customer relationship. CEC SLAs document those service portfolio items that the customer desires from CEC, the quantity of service to be provided, the metrics that will be used, and the appropriate levels of those services that CEC will maintain.

Our process for developing a Service-Level Agreement:

  • EXCHANGE POINTS OF CONTACT - CEC and the customer organization contact information will be shared to help coordinate meetings and identify each individual's role
  • UNDERSTAND THE CUSTOMER'S BUSINESS NEEDS - The SML and CEC staff will conduct meeting with the customer organization to gain full understanding of the services needed
  • CUSTOMER SURVEY - Customer organization business requirements are given to CEC in the form of a survey that covers all areas of CEC expertise to assist with determining the appropriate services and needs
  • SERVICE PROPOSAL AND NEGOTIATIONS - Working from draft agreement documents, mutually agreeable terms are developed
  • AGREEMENT AND FUNDING TRANSFERS - The negotiated service proposal is drafted into an SLA with a payment schedule. Services may begin once the SLA is signed and the funds are transferred
  • STARTUP AND TRANSITION - Customer participation in startup projects helps ensure a smooth transition
  • OPERATIONAL SUPPORT - During the execution of the agreement, CEC will provide support for all the services outlined in the SLA for the duration of the contract
  • REPORTS - Both online and individual performance reports will be made available to the customer organization
  • SERVICE PROVIDER/CUSTOMER MEETINGS - Meetings will be scheduled regularly or as needed between the CEC and the customer organization's point of contact for the duration of the agreement
  • RENEWALS - SLAs are renegotiated for each term of service.


Generally, standard services and pricing are used in order to achieve economies of scale. However, CEC also has the ability to customize services for fees. Typical agreement periods are structured around federal government fiscal years and renewals are renegotiated.

Contact an CEC representative to learn more about CEC SLAs and pricing.