Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

About EAS


For over 30 years EAS has provided an exceptional service to the USDA, sustaining strong customer relationships and growing exponentially.

We understand federal agencies and government requirements, and streamline the process to get you to market quicker. We keep up with trends and technologies so you don't have to. As a federal agency, our interest is in strong partnerships and your success, not in profits or growth.

What’s New

Copilot - your one-stop shop to acquire digital transformation services. Copilot provides information on SaaS cloud platforms, advice on acquiring platform licenses, and technical support through the development process using a DevOps best practice approach. Copilot also provides a community where agencies can share and collaborate with each other using the AppExchange.

Explore CoPilot’s capabilities at:

What We Specialize In

EAS supports its customers with capabilities in all these technologies and many more:

Icons of Data Analysis, iOS, ORACLE, Salesforce, Web Design, Android, Data Design, Microsoft .NET, HTML5, Web Development, java

Icons for GIS; Azure; Amazon; S; Atlassian' Totaralearn, GSA Section

Clients and Partners

          USDA       Food Safety Inspection Service   Forest Service  APHIS    FSA   National Resources Conservation Service

         Rural Development          ARS         U.S AIR FORCE      GSA  



Brandings for: U.S. Agency For Global Media, United States Broadcasting Board of Governors; United States of America Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board; Export-Import Bank of the United States; Institute of Museum and Library Services

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Bill Palm, EAS Project Support, Phone:  970-295-5268

Deb May, Project Support Program Manager

Elizabeth McKenna, Applications Services Branch (ASB) Branch Chief

Simone Rees, Applications Engineering Branch (AEB) Branch Chief

Jerome Davin, Director, Enterprise SaaS Branch

Casey Cook, Cloud Architecture Branch (CAB) Branch Chief

Chad Bixby, Cloud Development Program Manager

Umer Saeed, Cloud Technical Account Manager, Phone: 816-719-9581

Chris North, EAS Director