Office of the Chief Information Officer

United States Department of Agriculture

Enterprise Architecture

The USDA's Enterprise Architecture program strategically partners with all agencies to provide value to USDA's mission areas, business processes, and Information Technology (IT) capabilities.


The USDA Enterprise Architecture (EA) helps make sure information technology investments align with the mission and goals of the Department. It defines how information and technology should support USDA’s strategic goals and benefit the business.


The intent of the USDA Enterprise Architecture is to help make the information technology (IT) expenditures more effectively serve the mission and goals of the organization. Enterprise architecture defines how information and technology support USDA’s strategic planning to benefit our business. There are many ways to organize the information and diagrams that make up the architecture.

Enterprise Architecture Contacts

Will Williams
Enterprise Architecture Director

Bob Sile
Business & Performance Architect

Brian Brotsos
Data Architect

David Waddell
Technology Architect

Sean May
Standards/Application Architect


Enterprise Architecture's Benefits

A well-documented, well-understood enterprise architecture enables the organization to respond quickly to changes in the environment in which the organization operates. It serves as a ready reference that enables the organization to assess the impact of the changes on each of the enterprise architecture components. It also ensures the components continue to operate smoothly through the changes.